What’s the difference between a Curated Calendar and an Association Calendar?

We have two solutions for Enterprise users that want to display community events on their website, but want more control over which community events will appear on their calendars. Each has their own set of features and limitations.

The Association Calendar Feature is designed for membership organizations that want to display events from their members. The MCS Association feature allows you to invite a group of MCS users to add events to your online calendar. You can choose to curate events for some or all of your members. Association members are also able to display their own events on their own custom calendars.

More information about the MCS Association Feature is available here: https://mycityscene.tawk.help/article/association-feature

The Curated Calendar Feature is designed for webmasters and publishers that:

  • Manage websites that represent their community,
  • Want control over which events will appear on their online calendar, and
  • Want increased visibility of their website brand.

Every MCS user posting an event in that community will have the opportunity to add their event to that community’s curated calendar. More information about MCS Curated Calendars is available here: https://mycityscene.tawk.help/article/curated-calendar

MyCityScene limits the number of curated calendars within a given community. If you are interested please apply here: https://mycityscene.com/curator-application

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