Recurring Events and SEO

We recommend adding specific end dates to your recurring events because our SEO rocks.

At MyCityScene we work hard to make sure your events are found in search results. When you create a recurring event, our calendar creates a detailed event page for each occurrence up to one year in advance. Because Google just loves our state-of-the-art event schema, each of your recurring events will be added to enhanced search results.

When you delete or change a recurring event, we remove the future event pages from our system. However, since those event pages have been indexed by search engines, it might take several months before they are removed from search results.

It's easier to edit your recurring event to extend it than it is to deal with people who show up for non-existing events they saw in search results.

For example, if you create a weekly recurring event with an end date a year away, and then delete the event in six months, Google may show the event every week until the end date you originally selected. To eliminate this confusion, we recommend using an end date, and then periodically renewing the event with updated information and new end dates .

To make this easier, we will send a reminder near the end of a recurring event.

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