Can I list promotional events such as sales or specials?

No. That's against our submission guidelines.

Our priority is providing quality event listings to community members and visitors. We do not allow businesses to post public announcements in the form of a public event. Therefore we require all public event submissions to provide useful information about scheduled, community-related events.

Some examples of acceptable public events include:

  • classes
  • entertainment
  • public meetings
  • seminars
  • conferences

We do not allow event titles or descriptions that are actually public announcements better suited for release through advertising channels. These types of event listings are only allowed to be placed in private categories.

Some examples of prohibited public-category events include:

  • sales
  • business hours
  • event cancellation announcements
  • product promotions
  • company/organization news
  • spammy text with links unrelated a public event

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in events being removed from our distribution network. To protect our users, repeat offenders will be banned from using the platform.

Please review the comprehensive list of event submission guidelines.

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