Can I use different start and end dates for my event?

If you are adding multi-day events such as weekend-long festivals, you should create a separate event for each day, or use the Recurring Events feature. Identical, repeating events (such as movies or plays) should use Sessions.

The primary goal of the MyCityScene Community Calendar is to provide comprehensive listing of community-related events in and around the communities we serve. Multi-day events tend to clog up Calendar View, and therefore we limit the number of those in use at any given time. Events that use different start and end dates are not allowed and will be declined or removed from public calendars.

For example, if you are having a weekly event for 11 weeks, you cannot create a single event that spans 11 weeks. An event is only visible until it starts. This means after the beginning of your event, it will no longer appear on calendar listings. Conversely each session of a recurring event is promoted individually.

Pro users can create multiple sessions and recurring events with one click. So you can save a ton of time for the low cost of a Pro account. Free users can create repeating events by creating a copy of an event for each session.

Events spanning several days are broken down into three categories:

  1. Multi-day events such as festivals
  2. Multi-session events such as plays
  3. Sequential events such as summer camps

1) Multi-day events (such as festivals) allow attendance of any or all of the days of the event. If attendees can come for only one day, then then each day of the festival should be treated as a separate event, or if the description is the same, then Recurring events can be used.

2) Multi-session events are Identical, repeating events that have different start times (like plays). the description for each session is the same.

3) Sequential events that require a commitment for the entire series (such as summer camps) can use sessions or recurring events along with the checkbox: "Is this event part of a series that requires attendance at every session/day?"

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